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Cypress College has been helping the community for years, and this year, it is going to have its 50th birthday. In order to acknowledge Cypress College in our community and show appreciation for it, we are going to have a celebration. We are inviting the alumni to be our guest speakers, having autograph signing sessions, and providing a carnival with rides and games. This event’s purpose is to address Cypress College for producing students with outstanding outcomes and inviting the community to see the benefits Cypress College has to offer. For this event to occur, we are preparing three months in advance organizing the activity, promoting the event, estimating the budget, and making arrangement with the celebrities and guests.
Our target
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More than 10 outstanding baseball player alumni have been in Major League Baseball (MLB). They have played for various teams such as the New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, California Angels, and Texas Rangers. To entice the guests, we will invite baseball players Brian Downing and Trevor Hoffman. Brian Downing played baseball for 19 years from 1973 until 1992; moreover, he is a hitter, a left fielder, and a catcher. He received the all-star award in 1979 when he played for the California Angels. Trevor Hoffman played baseball for 17 years as a pitcher from 1993 until 2010. His last MLB was with the Milwaukee Brewers. We will also invite Kirsten Vangsness from the entertainment industry. She is currently on the CBS drama, “Criminal Minds” as an FBI Technical Analyst, Penelope Garcia. She graduated from Cypress College in 1990 and from CSUF in 1996. These outstanding people will come to Cypress College to encourage and motivate others to consider Cypress College for their educational needs in the future. For each person, there is usually a cost involved. However, they are volunteering because they have attended Cypress College in the past and feel inclined to give back to their community. Finally, we are asking the police and fire departments to join us and bring out a few examples of their cars and fire …show more content…
The cost of each permit is $200 for the entertainment and $250 per food truck. The starting price for one ride is approximately $3,500. Since we are going to rent 4 rides, the cost will be around $14,000. The games that we will offer will cost $1,000 per booth. The rent for the bounce houses, slide, and generators, will cost roughly $530. Moreover, the three celebrities who we are going to invite have confirmed that they will donate their fees for our event since it is the school they graduated from. There will be no cost for each school booth because they will use the fees from their club budgets. There will be four food trucks, and it will cost $1,000. Other than the food truck, we are going to have snack items such as cotton candies, popcorn, and strawberries. They will cost roughly $530 based on estimated needed quantities. For cotton candy and popcorn, we will be buying the raw materials from local markets. Even though we will be preparing extra materials, we will be able to return any unused unopened materials as the school often has these items available at other events such as club rush and other AS functions. There is one contingent, we might need to hire people to help with the event. If we do, we have designated Labor Ready for approximately 15 people at $10 per hr, for 9hrs each. The estimated cost is

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