Personal Narrative: Cookies With Santa

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Cookies with Santa

It’s that time a year again! Last year we hired a Professional Santa and his wife for the event, additionally we pitched in and designed a Christmas Stage for fun and exciting pictures with Santa (for the kids anyway). Mrs. Claus accompanied Santa reading the Christmas story to children, while other children visited with Santa. Let’s get in the holiday spirit once again!

About 65 children attended the event last year. I expect 60-80 kids this year. We had 240 cookies last year, 120 cookies of those were donated. There were approximately 80 cookies left from the event, which I distributed with a thank you note to all my helpers. Friends and neighbors (about 10 families) helped in donating items and staging the event. The Support was incredible!! We raffled off a donated quilt which Holly Jackson brought from a neighbor. Our awesome ELF wore a lovely outfit that his Mom made for the occasion and he loved the job of being Santa’s helper. I am counting on him again this year. Holly Jackson provided a satellite radio with microphone for the event. Holly gave me all the candy left from the Fall Festival. We made candy bags that the Elf
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I don’t know if we need to ask for it again.
- Santa drove himself in last year. Demon offered to use his RED Golf Cart the day of the event last year. I think that would be great to have Santa arriving in a RED Golf Cart. We could decorate it if we have time.
- I have the classic Christmas Story but I think we need a shorter version.
- There is no guaranty that we will receive candy from the Fall Festival, so will use candy canes instead. We will need a nice Christmas basket.
- I need a chair or rocking chair for Mrs. Claus and a little chair for the ELF.
- I need to build a background to place behind Santa for the

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