Essay On Meal Prepping

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Meal Prep

The best part about my work day is lunch, it’s the time to relax and enjoy a nice meal with my coworkers. The worst part about lunch is not knowing what for lunch, having to make decision on a meal with limited time really gets in the way of relaxing. Recently my job closed the deli and I was either going to have to travel outside the office for food choices or eat from the vending machine. I must admit I gave the vending machine a good amount of dollars. But enough was enough, I need to start packing a lunch. I don’t enjoy boring lunches, but I also hate cooking for myself, so the best solution was to begin meal prepping. The idea of cooking one day, solved both my dilemmas and this is how I became a meal prepped.
When I first began meal prepping it was more trial and error, and then I started to use the calendar more often to figure out if I needed to prep for 4-5 days depending on the week. Planning each week has also helped me make healthier food choices. I am not an expect, I spend most of my time getting my recipes from Pinterest, I pin the latest ideas weeks in advances. I don’t always stick to the recipe, because I am attempting to save money at the grocery store. So I will substitute ingratiates as needed, depending what’s on sale. My previous routine at the
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I have also started meal prepping with breakfast, some overnight oats or smoothie for the next morning. I want to say this has taken over my life in a positive a way and I’m discovering more ideas each day. I also want to join a meal prep group to get more personalized ideas or share mine! I don’t want to run out ideas new ways to pack lunch. Bringing my meals preps to work has actually opened up another dialogue for me to talk about at work, so now I can enjoy my food and my coworkers without wasting any time on finding

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