Personal Narrative: Peet's Coffee

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I have it all perfectly timed. After hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock for the second time, I hear the familiar whir of my best friend and begin smelling my first cup of sanity in seconds. The smell is enough to motivate me to get out of bed and head to the kitchen. My personal life-saver, the Keurig one-cup coffeemaker has a fresh, gourmet cup of coffee ready in 30 seconds. Though I am the only coffee drinker in my home, everyone agrees it is the one appliance we all could not live without! After I have the first cup of coffee, I morph from grumpy, morning-monster-Mom into "Supermom," able to pack 2 lunches in a single bound and dress 2 small girls in the speed of light! Two little girls and a husband count on me for lunches, field-trip …show more content…
As background, my own history in brief: I grew up in a 'coffee home. ' Everyone drank it - instant, that is, from the super market. As children, my sisters and I had our milk with dinner flavored with either some of our parents ' coffee or with some sweetened coffee-flavored syrup. In those days, a 'good ' cup of coffee was made by using not one, but two heaping teaspoons of black powder from the A&P. Never having tasted anything else, I thought that was fine and good. By High School, I had come across Folger 's Crystals - a higher form, so I thought, of instant coffee and I insisted on having that. In college, I tasted stove-top perked coffee and couldn 't believe how delicious it was compared to what I had been used to and thus my relationship with instant coffee of any kind ended. A couple of years later, I was given an electric peculator. Wow! No burnt taste. Out with the stove top pot. Later, I was shown a carafe drip set and loved that even more . I experimented around for some years with different brands of coffee, settling in on canned Italian Espresso. Then, the life changing event finally happened. While living in North Berkeley in the late 1960s, I walked into what was the very first Peet 's Coffee Shop by Walnut Square and had my very first cup of the brew made of beans roasted by a process developed by Affred Peet. My coffee drinking life has never been the same. Since that fateful day in 1969, Peet 's has become a well known brand of both roasted beans and coffee shops among connoisseurs of really good coffee. Offering many different blends - some standard and others seasonal made from the best possible beans from all over the world, Peet 's has managed to establish and sustain a unique level of consistent quality and sheer succulence. I have heard some complain that it

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