Descriptive Essay On A Dark Night

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A Dark Night
I head to bed on a cold winter night. The wind races toward my cabin and is pressed against all windows in the home. I can hear the crackles and pops coming from the fire pit that is down below in the living room. I pass my parent’s bedroom, wish them a good night, and sweet dreams with joy in my voice. The two family dogs, Skip and Buster, wait in the long straight hallway outside of my bedroom. Buster shoves his nose through the crack of the door and into the dark room. Skip follows and bolts to his doggie bed that is placed in the corner of the room. Buster throws his body on the right side of my bed because his best friend enjoys sleeping on the left. I walk towards my nightstand like every night and remove the contact lenses
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My father demanded my mother to grab the fire extinguisher from his closet. The fire alarms throughout the house are as loud as a newborn infant. I catch the fire extinguisher from my mother and aim the rubber nozzle towards the flames. I squeeze the silver handle and shoot the foam at the red hot flames. I extinguished the flames low enough for my brother and sister to be able to jump across. When my brother threw his body across he collided with me making me drop the extinguisher in the flames. The fire rushes through the top hallway and begins to climb up every wall in the cabin. We sprint for our lives down the hot staircase, but as we are doing so the balcony also collapses, falling to the ground and now guarding the entrance of the house. Next, we bolt for the sliding glass door on the back side of the cabin. Flames are surrounding us everywhere we go and the cabin from the outside appears to be a big red ball of flames. The wood holding up the cabin is starting to burn away and the ashes and smoke are flying high in the clear night. Parts of the roof are starting to tremble down into the inside of the …show more content…
In a panic, I grab my brother 's hand and run for the basement 's doors that lead to the backyard. Due to my panic I forgot about the exit from the garage and head to the glass doors in the basement. The furniture and carpet floor in the sauna of a basement is completely in flames. Only the tiles near the sliding glass doors are not engulfed in flames. I aggressively grab my brother 's right arm and toss all 90 pounds into a fireman 's carry. I accelerate towards the sliding glass doors, running through the fire and flames with my bare feet to the door that is about 10 yards away from me. I tumbled to the ground and drop my brother on the tiles. My lower half of my body remains caught in the extreme heat of the fire. My legs begin to blister all over and every time I attempt to move them excruciating pain enters my body. My brother cries “Get up Jordan!” as he pulls underneath my arms trying to pull me out. I am twice the size of his fragile body and there is nothing on God’s green Earth that he could do to help his older brother. While I make the attempt to crawl out I say “Get out! Close the door.” he does as I tell him to

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