Personal Narrative: The City Of Erbil

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Erbil is a city located in the north of Iraq. Its population of 852,500 people, it’s known for the culture and a type of food named “Dolma.” Erbil is where I was born and raised, as a child I had very interesting childhood me and my brother would play soccer every day, and go out with friends. Every day after we were playing soccer, all the teenagers in my age were going to a playground. It was an amazing life in Erbil with friends and families. Choosing my city is because I have all my childhood memories there, my family and friends, and the food
My childhood memories were the best times that I had with everybody. I had unforgettable days that I spend with the people in Erbil. I grew up in near the downtown area, the downtown in Erbil is
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They are the people that I grew up with and I spend all my life with them. We had very important and interesting moments together, and they were always with me, in my happiness and sadness, and that helped me too much. My relative from my mom’s side they were like a family for me. Whenever I used to be sad or something happened, the first person I was going to was my mother's brother. My mother’s brother was like a father for me, he was solving all my problems. For example, once the school asked me to call my parent’s to school because I fought, so I went to my uncle and he came instead of my parents. My relatives from my mother's side were more careful people, they cared about me and they taught me too many things. However my father's side was not bad, but they were not that interesting for me. My friends were everything for me, I was with my friends a lot more than I was home or with my family. Being with friends was very helpful for me because I learned some of the bad things that I wasn’t supposed to do. In addition, all my families and friends are stuck in Erbil because of the misunderstanding that is going on in Erbil. The people that supported me, gave me energy, helped me to fix my mistakes and motivated me are far from me. Erbil is very popular with the food”Dolma.” People in Erbil they love dolma, which it's made of grape leaves stuffed with rice and meet. We eat Dolma at least once

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