Descriptive Essay About Love

That day in history, the day we connected, you, with your acne prone face and soft flaxen hair, me, with my frizzy brown curls and wire rimmed glasses. I didn’t know then, that in just a few years, you’d be my savior, my lover, my tormentor, my teacher.
I knew it was impossible; that your loud, obnoxious self could ever want me, an annoying, yet shy girl. But, I still found you impossible to resist. Back then, I only wanted you to be happy. For her, my friend, to be happy. Even if it killed me inside, even if it threw me into a jealous rage; pulling her hair, throwing her out of her seat, yet still managing to laugh it off and apologize.
She told me about you. How her last boyfriend was a better kisser, how you had an adorable brother, how
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The games I played, texting you, hoping for an answer. Eventually, I got lonely. I dated the first guy who seemed to want me. He never truly wanted me though. Only my body. Once together, we forgot how we had once joked and laughed. I guess I used him in the same way. I only wanted a body to warm me, to kiss me, to tell me those three words, to make me feel worth something. When it finally ended, nine months later, I realized it had all been a sham. I was still caught up with you, and him with a girl I had helplessly watched him fall for. Though I had few real feelings for him, that final act cracked me.
We hadn’t spoken since the previous year. But I needed someone. I dont know why I chose you, but I did. Meanwhile, I helped you get with another girl, a girl you said you had liked for a few years, a girl that looked a lot like me. I knew that wouldn 't last either. She was so expressive and you were so closed off. Once it ended, me with him and you with her, I finally felt that we maybe had a chance, a chance at a real friendship. You had helped me heal, told me he’s an idiot to give me up, that anyone would be lucky to have me, made me feel
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I didn’t get many good shots as I was still new to the world of DSLR cameras, but you were there and that was all that mattered to me.
After the game, you walked me part-way home. You stopped me in a small grove of trees, just off of the path. You hugged me and whispered in my ear, “Do you want to date?” I had almost missed it. I said “yes,” then asked if you were asking me. You looked at me in disbelief and almost walked off. You hadn’t said, “Do you want to be my girlfriend,” so I had to make sure. We kissed again and you walked me about halfway home before turning around to go to your own home.
We hugged and parted. I wasn’t happy like I thought I’d be. I felt, well, I felt normal. I had felt like we had been dating for months already instead of just a few minutes. So I felt no big shift in our relationship like I did when we confessed our previous feelings for eachother. Nevertheless, I quickly texted a few friends who knew how we felt. They were happy for me, even if they didn’t like his assholery. I wanted you and you wanted me. That’s all that

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