Descriptive Essay About Hockey

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Life can sometimes best be described as a rollercoaster. It has its highs and its lows, but no matter how low someone is everyone has that one place to forget about life’s problems. This place is the Great Neck ice rink for me.
Hockey was introduced to me as a kid by a neighborhood friend. I was around 8 years old when I first picked up a hockey stick. Although it would be another month until I was able to use a lefty hockey stick, I knew that this sport would be an essential role in my life. My friend Brian got me into hockey, but as a lefty he did not have any lefty hockey sticks. Even playing with the wrong sided stick I still was engaged in the games and would proceed to become a New York Rangers fanatic.
This game soon engulfed my life.
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I would then turn onto Middle Neck going through woods until the rink’s parking lot would be on my left. The outside of the building was bland and the inside was frigid. Walking through the glass front doors, the rink was the first thing visible. On the left was the hallway to the locker rooms past the stands. Our team’s locker room was always the first locker room in the hallway. After putting on my hockey gear I would walk back to the door for the rink and step onto the ice. Great Neck’s ice rink is known for being bigger than other ice …show more content…
This small-town rink will always have a special meaning to me. It was my last year of travel hockey and my last “home” rink. Some people say athletes die twice, yet when the road came to an end for me it felt right. I finished the season with trophies and with the friends I grew up playing hockey with. This “home” rink tied my beginnings with my end and truly has a home-like feel. It was as if no matter how stressed or angry I was I knew that this rink was just a short drive away to escape from the bumpier parts of life’s roller coaster. In the story “A Place Where the Soul Can Rest”, the narrator’s pivotal place was the porch because of the freedom to express herself and escape from her struggles. Although times are very different and people have dissimilar backgrounds, Everyone has their own “porch” in some form and that place for me is this local ice hockey

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