Descriptive Essay About Fast Food

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Finding a restaurant that offers both delicious food and satisfactory service can be difficult and costly. Money isn’t the only thing wasted when a restaurant doesn’t live up to ones standards, but time as well. Time that could’ve been spent at a better restaurant or cooking your own food instead. These days quantity (mass amounts of fast food establishments) has taken over the demand for high quality 5 star restaurants. Therefore, after continual disappointments of fast food chains and “bar and grille” restaurants I opted for something different. A couple of weeks ago on a Friday night, I came across a Chinese-American restaurant called the Double Dragon. The Double Dragons relaxing ambiance and flavorful food; made checking out a new restaurant …show more content…
Soon after being seated a waiter approached the table. She politely introduced herself and began filling a tall glass with lemon water, after finishing she handed me a menu. I proceeded to look through the menu, which contained vast amounts of edible options. I chose to start with the basics and selected three appetizers, steamed beef dumplings, shrimp rolls, and crab ragoons. In addition, I decided to order sweet and sour chicken with steamed white rice as an entrée. The waiter took my order and proceeded towards the kitchen. Within 10 short minutes she returned with the hot steaming appetizers in hand. The appetizers were served on three separate plates accompanied by their own specific dipping sauce. At first glance, the portions served seem a bit overwhelming. When ordering appetizers you have in mind “it’s just enough food to keep you full until the actual dinner is served,” but this was not the case at the Double Dragon. Nonetheless, I continued to sample the appetizers and to satisfaction, the spring rolls actually had fresh crispy cabbage and medium pieces of shrimp in each bite! The steamed dumplings were steamed perfectly, the beef inside was extremely tender making the steamed dumplings a complete success. The crab ragoons did not fall behind of its appetizer competitors, because they were crunchy on the outside and smooth on the inside. The crab ragoons contained a mixture of fresh crab, minced green onion and cream cheese. While these appetizers were all different, the outcome was a warm melody of flavors sent from the gods of Chinese cuisine. The use of fresh ingredients in today society has become a big deal since everyone’s become a bit more conscious of their health.

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