The Mcdonaldization Of Society 6 By George Ritzer Essay

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Many fast food companies target children because they are young and are good at persuading their parents to get what they want. In the book “The Mcdonaldization of Society 6” by George Ritzer. This book will help many people who have kids understand how McDonalds targets their child. Many companies use tactics that kids are not exposed to at a young age. “People are exposed to a toxic environment” (Espejo 11). There will be times when kids will visit a Taco Bell after school to get the brand new item on the menu, but they need to realize that obesity will happen to them if they are not careful. Many Fast food companies can cause major health risks to children in which it can impact their life later on in the future. “All of these foods will fit into the diet of most Americans with proper moderation and balance” (Espejo 12). Most children do not pay much attention to the food that they put into their mouth they just eat the item because they are hungry. Another thought that the reader should keep in mind is how much money children spend on food because this can cause obesity to happen. Fast food companies can target kids and get kids to nag at their parents in order to get what they want. “It’s not just getting kids to whine” (Schlosser 43). It will be hard for kids to convince their parents to get fast food items because the parents pay most of the bills in the house, whereas a kid is just a student at school, working to find a job someday. In the meantime, you have…

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