Personal Narrative: My Family's Dogs

My cats were my best friends so following their deaths I became depressed, and wanted a new pet to diminish the pain of losing them. Sadly, I started to develop an allergy to cats and concluded I needed a dog instead. Since my mom supports my wishes I knew she would agree to adopting a dog, but to my shock and disappoint she refused. Not ready to take no for an answer I constantly begged my mom for a dog, but she repeatedly answered no. My mom’s explanation was that she didn’t want the responsibility of a dog when I left for college in a year. Realizing I couldn’t change her mind I respected her decision, and would visit my friend’s and family’s dogs.

One Friday in July my father and I had a quarrel over me frequently skipping his house
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Spending two weeks with Roxy made it feel like she was my own and I wasn’t ready to give her up. However, I knew my grandma and cousins missed her so I drove her home, but decided I stay the night. I walked through the door with Roxy and saw my grandma and cousins waiting for us at the door. Roxy started leaping on all the furniture and running crazily thorough the halls because she was excited to see everyone. Since, I hadn’t seen my grandma and cousins in two weeks we took Roxy to the dog park that was two miles away. The first thing I observed was three dogs already inside, and I fell in love with the dogs that reminded me of huskies; huskies are my dream dogs. Once I took Roxy’s leash off she darted to meet her new friends. To complete out perfect day we got Dairy Queen and brought Roxy with …show more content…
After band, my grandma picked me up to drive me to her house, and as I got in the car she surprised me with Roxy. Sensing my sadness Roxy gave me kisses and laid on my lap. While driving my grandma stated that Roxy belong to me too, which made me feel complete knowing I owned a dog until I left for college. The next morning, we ate out at IHOP and purchased Roxy’s grooming kit. My grandma held Roxy for me while I groomed her, but while I was concentrating my grandma cracked jokes causing us to laugh unconditionally. The following day my father picked me up to take me ziplining, and as my father drove away Roxy peeked out the window to say goodbye; this made me feel content knowing she belonged to me and I couldn’t wait to visit her

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