High School Jazz Concert Report

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On the night of April 16th I attended “An Evening of Small Group Jazz” at Cal State Northridge’s Cypress Hall. For that whole day I was pretty glad I would be attending the event due to graduating from a Music Academy high school. Unfortunately, it did not go as well as expected. For my second concert I decided to attend my high school’s jazz concert on May 1st. On this night there where 3 combos that played their little hearts out and was I proud. The best part of attending these concerts was listening to real music and not that watered down trash you hear on the radio now in days. As I arrive to Cypress Hall for the first time in three years I have absolutely no clue how this concert is going to go yet I am pretty optimistic. The first group takes the stage on time and as the first piece of music begins to unfold I slowly felt depression. I try to convince myself that they are just in need of a slight warm up in order to show their true colors but sadly I am mistaken. I sat in my chair confused on why my old high school jazz band played with more heart than the opening band that night. There improvisation was lacking a key piece of something that made them bring yawning instead of chills down my back After they played their five pieces I was seriously considering calling it a night and attending a different event but …show more content…
May 1st is the night I attended my old high schools final Jazz concert. First to take the stage was their jazz B combo and they were pretty okay. They needed a bit of tweaking here and there but for a high school group I was pretty impressed. After they finished it was finally time to hear the group I so anxiously awaited. Jazz Combo A took the stage with a careless attitude and lack of organization. That made me a bit disappointed and worried that they were not what others had said they would be. But man oh man was I impressed by these

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