Larman Essay

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NAME: Sherrise Parker
1. Describe Larman’s treatment of iterative, evolutionary and agile programming.

According to Larman, software development is a method used to create, design, and maintain software. In particular, the prevalent Unified Process (UP) is an iterative software development method used to build object-oriented systems. Larman describes the iterative development and Agile Methods as a process of organizing a short series of small projects with fixed time constraints, known as iterations, which also have separate analysis, design and implementation, validation requirements. The iterations represent executable components of the partial system, each of the modules are validated and integrated into the system in repeated cycles.

In theory, the iterative lifecycle utilizes the approach of iteration and augmentation for system development, and rely on feedback and adaptation, and as a result, the software specifications and design evolve within the process known as Iterative and Evolutionary Development. The iterative and evolutionary development has a variety of benefits that include increased productivity, decreased system defects, and provide the analyst with visibility of progression. Most importantly, the feedback and adaptation have an integral role in
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The “+” specifies the supplementary and subcomponents (Implementation, Interface, Operations, Packaging, and Legal) that should be included in a checklist to reduce the risk of omitting a significant aspect of the system. Most commonly known as the functional and non-functional requirements, which illustrate the systems behavioral aspects and the criteria that will be used to critic how the system operates in particular

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