Robert La Salle Essay

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Although René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, Robert La Salle, is not seen as one of the primary explorers to lay claims in North America due to his many failed expeditions, La Salle is definitely one of the few and major explores who helped France lay eyes on land west of the Mississippi river. La Salle, in terms, opened up the American land for westward expansion.
Through La Salle’s exploration and expedition across the central plains and gulf, the Mississippi river, and what is now Texas, France laid claims to pieces of territory that would later become of great importance to the Americans during westward expansion and the growth and development of the future nation. Mere colonies at the time, the later states would seek out this disputed
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Displaying valor against opposing odds, and “[m]agnificent in his personal failures,” (Navasota Grimes County Chamber of Commerce) Robert La Salle has proved to have been a prominent figure in history. “His [La Salle] explorations gave France claim to the great Mississippi valley, Texas, and Louisiana, for a time, a valuable French possession. As stated by Francis Parkman, and American historian, “the realm of France received a stupendous accession” (BOOK), referring to the fertile plains of Texas, and the region spanning from the mouth of the Mississippi to the Rocky Mountain peaks claimed for France (BOOK), as La Louisiane in honor of king Louis XIV. The Texas claim was never very serious, but it did furnish the United States, after the Louisiana Purchase, with an excuse for challenging the Spanish title to Texas,” (Navasota Grimes County Chamber of …show more content…
By doing so, initiating a defensive front line establishing and defining its “commercial and diplomatic policy for almost a century in North America up to the Seven Years’ War,” ( Furthermore, La Salle’s presence in Texas was flawed and insignificant but it would establish a claim for the King of France over the area shifting in motion events that would lead to other claims over the Texas territory culminating with the annexation of Texas and Mexican-American War during the James K. Polk presidential

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