Describe How You Came To Know Christ, Giving Highlights Of Your Walk With Christ

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1. Describe how you came to know Christ, giving highlights of your walk with Him since that time. Describe how the Lord has been at work in your life recently.

I was saved when I was seven years old. I was in the car with my mom listening to my cassette tape from children’s choir. When it came to the part were it presented the Gospel, I told my Mom “I got it.” I understood that I was a sinner and I needed Jesus to save me from my sins. We pulled over and prayed right there and I received Jesus into my heart. During my early education years, I attended Sunday Services and School, Children’s Choir, and Wednesday night events regularly as well as many Navigators urban ministry children’s programs due to
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However, God has been faithful. I am learning this year that my hope is in Him and that I am weak daily and my only option is to cling to Him. I have experienced the joy of watching Him continue to prepare me for ministry and blessing me right where I am at. Currently, he is bearing fruit in my relationships with students in my church. He has blessed me to be able to speak into their lives and they want to come. I find myself often in awe and worship when I think of the power of the gospel in my life and I desire for more opportunities to share how Christ has changed, is changing, and will change me.

2. What experiences have you had as a member (or leader) of a residential living community? How have you been shaped as a result of them?

When I was studying at Moody I lived in the Culberson dormitory for three years. During my first year in Culberson I was impacted by the upperclassmen on the floor who were very willing to sit and guide me through my life as a student and encourage my walk in Christ. These older guys were not my RA and yet they showed me and the rest of the floor that they loved the floor. They became role models who I continue to look up to for wisdom on living in holy

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