Descartes And Descartes ' Evil Genius Essay

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Reality, a state of the world for what things truly are and as they truly exist. Reality has perplexed philosophers to an extent, but perhaps none more so than the maddening words of Descartes in his meditations. To say that his words are maddening is a bit ingenuous to Descartes, but what he does propose is out of place. There have been skeptics before Descartes, but the level of skepticism he reaches is quite absurd and even more, it would be absurd if it was even true and could not be refuted in any argument. To begin with Descartes’ evil genius, there will be two vital topics of discussion, doubt, and certainty.

Doubt is a key concept when it comes to Skepticism and even more so when it comes to Descartes’ Evil Genius. The concept is simple, there is an evil genius who takes everything in your life and replaces it with something that is not real. As a result, your surroundings are no longer real. This is where Descartes begins, by knowing that the evil genius has convolutedly replaced everything you know with a replica, everything can be doubted. As he notes, it is easy to let go of of the corporeal world, for it can be classed with the understanding and knowledge of the senses. When you reach the bottom of all reality, the last few are difficult to throw away. How can one reject the body that we control? Descarte, quite frighteningly, is able to discard the notion of our body, the whole machine that houses our senses. Imagine that the body you control was never…

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