Compare And Contrast Zhuangzi And Descartes

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Descartes believed that all we can know is information that we are certain of. Knowledge with any amount of skepticism, according to Descartes, proves to be unreliable and thus, not real knowledge. Therefore, he further stated that the knowledge obtained through the senses is not real knowledge because the senses can be deceiving and biased to individuals. Descartes even is skeptical of concepts such as math because he believed that one is just told that two plus three is five, but one cannot be certain. According to Descartes, an "evil genius of the utmost power and cunning has employed all his energies in order to deceive me." Therefore, he conveys that the beliefs taught by tradition or authorities, such as a God, is not to be trusted, but …show more content…
Therefore, Zhuangzi believed knowledge was not fixed in a manner that Descartes believed in, rather it was different for individuals based on their interpretations and experiences. As a result, Zhuangzi did not believe in any collective truth, but separate truths for each person, whereas Descartes conveys the idea that there is only one truth. Descartes stated that the only true knowledge is the knowledge one can know for certain and the rest of the knowledge is deceitful. The foundational knowledge that Descartes refers to as the only true knowledge can be considered the single truth and the knowledge gained through the senses, which he believes is deceitful and biased, for example, is an individuals truth. Therefore, Zhuangzi and Descartes have differing opinions on what is true knowledge and how many truths that are actually valid. Furthermore, both Zhuangzi and Descartes believed that skepticism could lead an individual to true knowledge, but in different ways. Zhuangzi believed that questioning knowledge that comes from traditions or authority, for example, one can find their own truth. However, Descartes believed that any doubt in the information proves it to be unreliable and that knowledge should be forgotten, which can lead to the single

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