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How Not to Get into College
A student can relate to the problems Kohn identifies, since that is what a student goes through until college and when they start working in the workforce. Students go through extra curricular activities that they do not want to join, stress about their futures, and a letter grade or number that would take over their lives. Students go through living hell just to wake up one day and realize that their lives have waster away. Many students join extra curricular activities. Some join because they want to, while others do not. Students join clubs because it looks good on a college application or a resume. For example, “They were joining clubs without enthusiasm because they thought membership would look
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Students are taught to learn and memorize facts and then be tested on it, to see if they actually memorized it. Students need to learn that there is more to life then just grades. For example, “They need a cautionary view about what is threatening to take over their lives for more than they need another tip about how to burnish a college application or another reminder about the importance of a test” (Kohn, 11). They can relate to this, if they learn that there is more to their lives than just receiving a high grade or number. Another reason is they should not let college application and grade takes over their lives, and not get caught into this continuous cycle. Students should not take part in the cycle, because they would forget things they are passionate about. As a student, grades should not be something to be stressed about. Stressing over a grade will not bring a person joy or happiness. Students should be taught how to pursue a passion they care about. They should not be taught how to study and get a high grade, or stress over how they may have failed a class. Being a student comes with ups and downs. Taking away the unnecessary participation in clubs they do not like, worrying about a grade, and stressing about their future should be taken away from schools. Doing this, would help so many students become a better person. Students would be able to do things they like to do without having to be stressed or

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