The Pros And Cons Of The Democratic Peace Theory

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The dispute over agricultural trade liberalization between Brazil and the United States occurred because the United States started to give subsidies to their cotton farmers. This lead to their farmers to be able “to produce cotton very cheaply with little risk,” and leading towards less “free trade and put farmers in other countries at a distinct disadvantage” (Agricultural Subsidies). Brazil saw this subsidies as making it harder on their cotton farmers to sell their cotton to the buyers because these subsidies made the United States farmers cotton way cheaper. Brazil sued the United States because of the violations against the World Trade Organization agreements. The World Trade Organization agreed with Brazil and gave “the right to impose …show more content…
The Democratic Peace Theory is a theory that any democratic country will not attack another democratic country. The main reason force this is because that democratic countries are a representative of the people, and that people would rather avoid war by means of diplomatic agreements. The strength of this theory is that majority of democratic countries are general wealthy nations that have developed a great economy and infrastructure which leads them to approach diplomatic problems in a safer negotiation rather than fighting. The weakness of this theory is that it is not always true because in 1898 two democratic countries fought in the “Spanish-American War [which] was a four-month conflict between Spain and the United States” (Spanish-American War). This shows that this theory has a flaw, but the theory is still relevant because these types of war are very rare in modern times. Democratic Peace Theory also influences public policy making because it is “reliant on the ideology of liberalism… [which] are paired with concepts of democratic institutions and fairly elected governments” (Bingham). So the people want our government to be run in a way will promote well-being of all, and to create policies that are represented the people needs because the people choose those who were elected. I think that the Democratic Peace Theory should be used in public policy because this theory represents to me that it was to show that democratic nations are to support equality and peace to all through forms of policy. So by using this theory in creating policy, the people and other nations can

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