Depression: The Forms Of Depression In Everyday Life

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Depression is something nobody chooses to experience; it just happens. Depression is the feeling of being sad or not worthy. Everyone at some point in life will experience depression without being aware. Depression constantly disrupts the person’s everyday life. It tends to cause pain for the individual and those who surround him or her such as family and friends. It is very common, but at the same time, depression is critical. No person should ever ignore this illness. People today believe depression is a choice, think about it just for a minute. How awful would it feel to wake up and not be able to be social with people, or to have the strength or energy to face people? Imagine thinking about wasted time passing without reason. The feeling of being alone when in reality there’s a room full of people. The feeling of having to hide the sadness behind a fake smile, because he or she may think nobody cares to know his or her feelings. The loss of friends because he or she does not have the energy or want to hang out because he or she can’t be physically happy. The long nights he or she cries till he or she falls
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When any of the forms of depression effects the person, there is no control over it. The National Institute of Mental Health states, “Most likely, depression is caused by a combination of genetic, biological, environmental and psychological factors. Depression adds up to be a brain condition. In The Article “Are You AT Risk For Depression? How to Know, What to Do, The author Roberts, Shauna States “Depression isn’t picky; it’s willing to hook its poisonous claws into anyone.” Depression affects everyone, some are more likely than others at times. When depression comes on it is difficult to deal with because there is no control over it. When experiencing this illness the person cannot choose to do away with the illness. This illness has to be treated by a

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