Depression : Symptoms And Symptoms Essays

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Every person on earth has been depressed at least once, but what do people really know about depression? Depression is a mood disorder which causes a constant sense of melancholy and loss of interest in things that were once enjoyed. Depression happens because of chemical imbalances that occur in the brain. Depression often changes the mood and the characteristics of the individual it affects. Depression affects everyone differently; this is why some may describe depression a certain way and others may not necessarily agree. Professionals need to know the symptoms and causes of depression and how to treat it. Depression has a variety of symptoms such as; extended sorrow which may occur for more than a week, sleep disturbance; waking up in the middle of the night or having sleepless nights, feelings of uselessness and negativity, feeling of remorse, struggle in making choices, getting tired easily, not eating enough or eating too much and crying at random times without a purpose. But the most common is a deep feeling of sadness. Every single symptom occurs because of three main issues: social influences, external influences and health reasons. The causes of depression are very vital and important for those who have it, and it effects in more ways than one. There are around 3.3 million known cases of depression in the United States. This is a problem, there needs to be a solution for these people. No one should have to endure depression; it is a terrible mental illness that…

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