Solutions To Clinical Depression

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Every person on earth has been depressed at least once, but what do people really know about depression? Depression is a mood disorder which causes a constant sense of melancholy and loss of interest in things that were once enjoyed. Depression happens because of chemical imbalances that occur in the brain. Depression often changes the mood and the characteristics of the individual it affects. Depression affects everyone differently; this is why some may describe depression a certain way and others may not necessarily agree. Professionals need to know the symptoms and causes of depression and how to treat it. Depression has a variety of symptoms such as; extended sorrow which may occur for more than a week, sleep disturbance; waking up in the …show more content…
Other solutions to depression have some disadvantages, but if those with depression are capable of discussing their problems with friends and loved ones, or if they take part in group therapy then they will positively feel comforted, satisfied, and happy. Talking to others thought to be one of the best treatments because it does not use medication, thus, those with depression will not suffer from any side effects. Depressed people may not want to talk to a therapist because they feel therapists do not understand what they are going through or may feel intimidated by them, therefore, talking to others they can relate to will give them a sense of relief. It is very important to raise awareness of depression because so many people suffer from it and do not seek treatment. Depression usually makes it very difficult for a person to connect with others; a person with depression may close the world out and be in a world of their own. Self-isolation is typically a result of depression. A person may close people out due to thinking that no one understands or they simply just do not want a person knowing what is really happening in their

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