Essay on Depression And Its Effects On Society

1691 Words May 6th, 2016 null Page
Everyone who does not know about depression will be surprise of how often this problem affects our society. Depression is a serious condition that unfortunately it can happen at any age but it’s more common among teens. The effects that depression has can range from affecting a persons personality to affecting the ones who surrounds the individual with depression. some of the many ways in which depression can affect someone is by altering the way you feel, think and act. In addition, feeling down, sad, and loosing interest in pleasurable activities for a long period of time could be a sign of depression. This affects everyday life activities such as sleeping, eating, relationships, and it degrades a person’s self-esteem . As for the causes of depression , some reason can be for example loosing a loved one, family issues, loneliness, stress, not feeling good enough, having problems, etc. It is a known fact that depression can produce and have a really negative impact on people, however, there are different types of treatments that are designed to fight back against depression. Some of the symptoms depression has are having difficulty to function well as a human being, struggling to get through the day and socialize with people its just a pain in the ass. Depression makes it hard to enjoy life like you once did. Just dealing with people can be overwhelming since it can affect you physically and mentally. It can be a hard to get out of bed and go out to do your daily…

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