Essay on Depictions Of Masculinity And Femininity

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Gender, especially portrayals of women, has been a focus of (general) advertising research with findings indicating that gendered portrayals may affect women’s consumer participation (West, 1996). Depictions of masculinity and femininity in advertisements are not only related to consuming products and brands, but certain activities and travel as well. Consequently, meanings associated with masculinity and femininity are often communicated through advertisements. I therefore suggest that, particularly for those new to extreme outdoor recreation, publications geared towards participants in extreme outdoor recreation may be one of the first places individuals turn to learn about these activities. Such publications and their advertisements can also provide messages about “appropriate” gendered activities for women in outdoor recreation contexts.
Among wilderness activities, women were most frequently shown hiking, rock climbing, trail running and camping, all with low levels of extremity, in particular, Macpac (figure 4) and Mountain Hardwear (figure 5) frequently depicted women participating in these activities. Mountain Hardwear categorised their products into 5 areas: Hiking, Skiing, Rock Climbing, alpine climbing and travel. Out of all outdoor brands they were the only company that did this and associated a particular gender with the activity. Shown in figure 5, women are highlighted as hiking, rock climbing and as travellers, though it should be noted that none of these…

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