Dell Technologies As A Global Company Essay

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Dell, now known as Dell Technologies is a global company that offers a vast array of IT products and services. They have hardware and software for enterprise, government, small business units, and the simple home computer segment. In September 2016, Dell acquired EMC, which enabled them to now offer large computer storage systems (Hardy, 2016). Based on information from their website, Dell Technologies offers a large product line. They offer laptops, desktops, tablets, gaming systems, workstations, thin clients, servers, storage devices, networking capabilities, monitors, printers, ink, software, electronics, and gateways. The OptiPlex is their business line that is geared toward the business oriented user and is usually the product that is purchased in bulk for business use (McCarthy, n.d.). McCarthy (n.d.) outlines that the company also features the XPS line for gamers or graphics professionals, Dimension for general purpose use, Inspiron for home use, Chromebook for fast access to the web. In early 2016, Dell added a laser projector to their line of product offerings (Dell Launches, 2016).
Dell’s business generates about half of its revenues outside of the United States (Dell Technologies, n.d.). The company is currently operating in 34 countries and three world regions (Strategies, n.d.). They employ a geographical divisional structure; dividing themselves by: The Americas (Canada, Brazil, Chile and the U.S.), Asia-Pacific (Australia, China, India, Hong Kong,…

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