Delivery Strategies For The Delivery Service Essay

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5.2.3 delivery strategy

Delivery strategy means the transporting of products form warehouses or stores to end customers. Before the grocery and supermarket chains, home delivery was common in the UK that was provided by small grocers, for example, sending milk to customers’ doorway. While later this service nearly disappeared with rising of supermarket chains, customers prefer the large scale grocers when compared with small shops (Genunes 2004, p.239). Now the online supermarkets focus it again and it becomes growing importance on the online order fulfillment process. Form the aspect of products, the speed of delivery can influence products’ quality and freshness in the supermarket and grocery industry. On the other hand, nowadays customers pay more attention to the on time delivery services due to busy working, people have little spare time to wait. Besides, the delivery service is the only way to communicate with customers directly for e-business. According to the author’s questionnaire, 40% of interviewees’ further suggestions about online shopping are related to the delivery issues. The high quality services can improve customers’ satisfaction effectively (Leinbach and Capineri, 2007). One of the final objectives of efficiency order fulfillment is keeping or improving customers’ satisfactions. Customers’ satisfaction can be defined that the response to the order fulfillment, it represents customers’ feeling about receiving products or services. Due to the different…

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