Deforestation And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

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Introduction Deforestation is essentially the destruction of the forest by human beings. It not just influences the plants and animals living in the forest, as well as the earth and us humans living on it. On top of that, People can 't get by without the forests; the forest purify our air and water, in addition to the Forest ' trees prevent erosion, fires, droughts, and flooding. Forests are home to plants and animals that supply different levels of the world’s food chain and the help of which plants producing unique medicine. Anne Rockholt, a teacher of earth science who has made a trip to Jamaica and Costa Rica to show individuals of any age about our surroundings and how we can protect it, remarked that “although it can be proved that we are having a negative effect on the environment, so many people are still uneducated “. Today I will spread the information and advise you of the unsafe impacts of deforestation.
I. Definition
Deforestation is defined by the article “effects of deforestation” as “the clearing or removal of trees from an area of woodland or forest for many differing reasons usually commercial.” Deforestation can clear forests for use of the trees or use of the land the trees used to occupy. On the off chance that trees are replanted or just a little range is clear it is not normally considered deforestation.

II. Plants purify our air and water
Not only do the plants being worn-out by deforestation protect us from starvation and some health…

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