Essay Definitions Of Literacy And Literacy

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1. Do a search and find at least three (3) different definitions of literacy and/or descriptions of types of literacy. Only one may come from a dictionary. These must be significantly different from one another. List these here with sources properly cited (APA).

Literacy has several definitions. It is defined as “the ability to read and write” (Literacy, 2015, para. 1), and knowledge relating to a certain subject (Literacy, 2015). In academic terms, literacy is defined as the proficient ability to read and construct meaning out of literature and content in school (Torgesen et al., 2007 as cited in Correction to: Literacy, 2016). Whitehurst and Lonigan (1998) define emergent literacy claiming, “early literacy was used to refer to the conceptual knowledge and skills that are developmental precursors to formal literacy” (Whitehurst & Lonigan, 1998, p. 608 as cited in Chan, 2015). On the other hand, Lytle and Wolfe (1989) define literacy through four metaphors: literacy as tasks, reflection, practices, and skills (as cited in Walter, 1999). Digital literacy is defined as the ability to utilize new media and the Internet as a means to connect and to critically evaluate various kinds of digital information (Sharma et al., 2016). Physical literacy is the ability to wisely perceive and discerningly respond to different situations, which exceeds the mere performance of motor skills. The individual must be able to ‘read’ his or her surroundings, and convey a response effectively…

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