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Task 1 Definition of marketing?
Marketing means to convert the wants in to needs by the marketing people. The activities of an organization connected with purchasing and offering an items or administration. The marketing process is having direct connection with communication and requirements and the actual goal of marketing is to expand the sales of the company’s product as well as the Company’s profit. In the terms of marketing, there are some of key points which are connected with the marketing such as target market, market segmentation and consumer behavior.
1 Product
2 Place
3 Price
4 Promotion Product – This includes the customer satisfaction and all its needs and demands. Moreover it also fulfil the demands of customers by competing the previous product and providing the customers as a updated one.
Price – The price of the product maters for everyone whether the company or the customers. The price can neither be too low that the seller losses, not too high that the customers cannot afford the product. The price of a product or a service depends on its demand.
Place – Place is really important to promote any product according to the area. The place should be suitable for the customers to access.
Promotion – Promotion always attract the customers. In every organization promotion is important to highlight the products. By this users can aware about the product which they really need. It also includes advertisement, emails etc.

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