Definition Of Life Sucks Essay

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One definition that I found of 'sucks ' was quite interesting to me. It went like this: a weak, self-pitying person; a crybaby or sore loser; a person who won 't go along, especially out of spite. I hate to say it, but even when I 've said, "Life sucks!" in the mirror, that is exactly the type of person I saw staring back at me.

I was feeling sorry for myself, I was upset about not having things work out the way I wanted it to, and I refused to do what needed to be done to fix everything because I just wanted to make everyone suffer, including myself, because I was feeling so negative. I can see that with great clarity now, but at the time I think I really believed what I was telling myself to be true.

Therefore, the first way to get over the 'life sucks ' state is to gain awareness that your perception is what is actually making it suck, not the reality of what is happening. Yes, you may have had your toe run over by a car, but that
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However, that comes from the perception that you CAN do something about it!

For instance, a woman in an abusive relationship with three kids may feel like life sucks. And, at that point it does! But, if she takes the steps to get out of that life and require more of herself, then life will start feeling better.

The reason I chose an abusive relationship with three kids is because I have two friends who have been in that situation. One friend realized that life could be much better, so she called on her friends and family (me included), got the help she needed to get out of the relationship, found a way to get a place for her and her kids, and started her new life on her own terms. The other friend is still stuck in the abusive relationship living a daily pity party about how much her life sucks and how she just can 't wait until it ends. Two people, same situation, two different

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