Definition Of Feminism And Empowerment And Equality Essay

805 Words Jan 18th, 2016 4 Pages
(I took this from the Meninist Facebook page. I’ve seen a few FB friends share it with no commentary, and it’s super disappointing to me. Here’s why.)

There are a lot of problems I could address with it regarding definitions of feminism and empowerment and equality*, as well as its basic misunderstanding of the dichotomous imbalance in our society that makes this person’s suggestions for empowerment so unreasonable, but the one that I think is most essential to talk about right now is the command to “do something worthwhile and notable.”

All the suggestions it offers on how to be notable and worthwhile are based in conventional ideas of success. Things that either grant you power/authority or push forward the accepted ideal of progress. The thing is, those are not things that make you worthwhile as a human. Legitimately all it takes to have worth as a human is to be alive, because (brand new concept here) EVERY HUMAN HAS INTRINSIC VALUE. They are worthwhile purely because they exist. They have unique thoughts and experiences and feelings, and even if they don 't do something big that changes the world, they are going to affect the lives of every single person they ever come in contact with by doing their best to be a decent and respectful human being. But you’re telling me that if part of my feminism is that I strive for that kind of definition for my existence and that of my peers, it’s not worthwhile because it’s silly and not important to society? I don’t buy it.


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