Essay on Definition Of Family And Ethnicity

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Definition of Family and Ethnicity The word family can mean different things to different people. I define my family as a nuclear family but I do not limit it to that. We are Muslim Palestinian Americans and are also bilingual. We speak both English and Arabic but the English language is more dominant. My family is those that I can trust, love and sacrifice for when required. I define my family as a group of people who share common values, morals, resources, and faith. Within my larger family, my husband and children are my nuclear family.
Values About Education
My family values education greatly and view it as the key to success. My family strongly believes that knowledge can help a situation or circumstance, whether it be good or bad. My parents didn’t have the opportunity to get an education but ironically, they know the value of it. They had to work twice as hard as an educated person to maintain their middle-class status. This is one of the reasons my family believes an education would grant me more opportunities in my life that they had. In my family, I am the first girl to attend college and not drop out of high school. My father brags to anyone who will listen; my family views education as a form of honor.
My husband and I are also very proactive about education because we understand the struggles our parents went through to get us started in college without financial a burden. Our children are in the early childhood phase and we motivate them every day to reach…

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