The Measure Of A Good Education Analysis

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“The truth behind a good education”
The possibility of a college education was something that was once reserved for society 's elite, wealthy, or the intellectually gifted, but today it 's something that is possible for anyone willing to work for it. That has now led us to ask this question "What constitutes a good education?" and one thing is clear, there is no test that can define the quality of education one has received. Many believe that the measure of a good education is defined by the the job one gets after graduation and by how much they earn. While others argue that a good education is only had by those who dedicate them self to school work and are perceived as good students. I believe a good education is far more than completing task and scoring satisfactory
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A quality education serves as a catalyst to open our mind to a greater degree of knowledge and understanding from which we can build upon. The measure of a good education "is not what it does for society in economic terms but what it can do for individuals, in both calculable and incalculable ways" (Delbanco 507). Achieving good test scores and maintaining a high GPA does not necessarily mean that one is receiving a good education, because it 's how we apply what we learn that determines how good of an education we have received. While the promise of greater financial rewards may be what drives the college freight train, it 's the knowledge behind it that keeps it moving forward. The knowledge we gain and how we apply it will define how good of an education we have receive, no matter the degree or how prestigious the university named on that degree.
When it comes to what constitutes a good education it is clear to me that no test can truly determine that, as it 's far more complex than the work we do in our classes to achieve our degree. A good education goes beyond the classroom lectures to influences more than

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