Define Best Leader Essay

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Most of us have said or heard the phrase “he/she is the best manage that I have even had” at some point in our career life. How do we define ‘best leader’? What makes them so different from other average managers or leaders? A great leader is the one who inspires confidence in other people and moves them to action. Each leader has their own way of doing things and managing people, but they all share the same characteristics in leadership skills: Their ability to build and maintain collaborative relationships within the team, how to prioritize and manage responsibilities with the works, their communication skills, and the ability to resolve different situation. What define them to have effective leadership skills depend on how they contribute …show more content…
The leader cannot achieve her goals without the followers. An effective leader is involved with a group of people. For leader to help and create and support effective teams, she must know what conditions encourage effective functioning of a particular type of team in particular setting (Taplin, et all). As a team, an effective leader thinks in term of 'We’ not ‘I’. An effective leader must take time to recognize, appreciate, and reward her employees for what they have done in a right way. Will knew Mani was a very good employee who worked very hard to help his colleagues and the company. Therefore, Will wanted to reward Mani for what he had done by allowing Mani to have a pleasant time at work until his retirement. For that reason, Mani decided not to work hard anymore. Rewarding is a good way to show the appreciation, but what Will did was not right. He was building the team, but did not maintain the team. There are many ways that the leader can do to recognize and reward the employees. With just little thing they do, even just saying ‘thank you‘ or ‘job well done‘, it will motivate the employees to carry on the jobs

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