Mani Leadership Qualities Essay

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Most of us have said or heard the phrase “he/she is the best manage that I have even had” at some point in our career life. How do we define ‘best leader’? What makes them so different from other average managers or leaders? A great leader is the one who inspires confidence in other people and moves them to action. Each leader has their own way of doing things and managing people, but they all share the same characteristics in leadership skills: Their ability to build and maintain collaborative relationships within the team, how to prioritize and manage responsibilities with the works, their communication skills, and the ability to resolve different situation. What define them to have effective leadership skills depend on how they contribute …show more content…
He had trained so many employees and Will Fairchild was one of them. Will became Mani’s supervisor after that. To Will, Mani was not only his valued employee, but also his mentor. Will had so much respect for Mani. When Mani came and talked to Will about his retirement, Will told him that he would try his best to make sure Mani had a pleasant time until his last day of work. Instead of working hard and keeping up good work for the last few months before Mani‘s retirement, he did not. Mani came to work and spent most his time on talking to people and passed on his work to his employee, Carli Buster. Carli didn’t think it was fair for her to do all Mani’s works. She decided to come and talk to Will, who was also Carli’s supervisor, about the whole situation. Instead of reminding Mani to focus and be responsible for his work, Will asked Carli to ignore Mani and just let Mani did what he liked because Mani he had worked so hard in the past and he only stayed with the company for 11 month. Besides, Will told Carli to work harder to get the work done and he would reward her for all her hard-work. Being a leader, what Will decided to do to the whole situation was wrong. According to Gaiter, to lead effectively, leader must be willing to follow through on the essentials of what is required in becoming a leader

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