A Defense Of Abortion Analysis

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Defense of Abortion
In the article a Defense of Abortion, they convey both sides as if a fetus is a human being when conceived, or it is not a human being. Many spend time trying to figure out if the fetus is a human being, others say that a fetus isn’t when first conceived. They are many circumstances to abortion, is it right to kill a fetus if you have been raped? These are the arguments that most people argue about, to try and difference between what is immorally wrong. They say that all have a right to life, is this true during most circumstances. Rape, effects both the mother and the child’s life in so many ways. Is it her right, to decide whether to abort the fetus, or to raise the child and have to tell them why they are in the world
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In my opinion I would have to agree with the author’s point of view, I believe that if there are something wrong with the mother and she has to choose whether to save her life or the child’s life, which potentially may or may not make it, I believe I would rather save the mother’s life. Also, I would not agree with abortion if there is nothing physically or mentally wrong with the baby or the mother. There are many points of view on this situation, I do not think it is absolutely morally wrong, because what if the mother has other kids to raise, and they are smaller and they need their mother in their life to help take care of them. I would have to say, I would abort the child that would end my life and potentially theirs, so I could be there for my other kids. People would argue that this is selfish and morally wrong, but to actually look back and think about it the situation, I would you rather save one life than potentially loose two lives and perhaps have no lives. People really need to look at both sides of the situation and then determine what is right and what’s morally wrong. There are too many people who judge others and act to soon, and do not even know the health issues. Many judge even when they know the circumstances, but yet judge even if they are not a part of this person’s life. As a result of, Rape is a big opinion to most people and it has many people who argue within this topic. In my opinion; I would not want to have someone’s child that has unlawfully treated me, and having the baby would make me realize what was done to me to deserve someone’s child that I would have to constantly think about what happened every day. Also I would eventually have to tell that child why they do not have their biological father in their life at that point in moment. . Many other circumstances are based on what the mother of the child really wants to do, also

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