Decline of the Ottoman Empire Essays

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The Decline of the Ottoman Empire The decline of the Ottoman Turks Empire despite the interventions to save it has always attracted the attention of historians. The decline which started in the second half of the 19th century is believed to have been as a result of conflicting political and social aspect in the empire as well as the economic situation of the empire. This led to the dismissal of the ottoman rulers by the Europeans as competent rulers who could lead the empire to modernization. The empire was faced with rebellions from the people, corruption of the administrators, economic difficulties and military deterioration, and was as a result called the sick man of Europe. Although there are a few recorded primary sources of data …show more content…
Economic factors also played a major role in the decline of the empire. Initially, the empire benefited from the strategic location where merchant ships from other parts of Europe in the Red Sea ports. However, the situation changed when new economic powers, the Dutch and British emerged in the seventeen century. The change of trade routes to Asia as a result was a big blow to the economy of the empire. The increased voyages by the Europeans to discover more lands and trade route impacted on the empire negatively. The monetary systems were negatively affected by the low supply of precious metals. The increased supply of precious metals in Europe from the New World had devastating effect on the empire which was ruled by Sultans with limited financial knowledge. The economic crisis as a result of the increased supply of gold and silver from the newly discovered lands in America and Africa and technical backwardness led to the empire decline. The economic problem was made worse by the change in the agrarian systems which resulted in declining agricultural productivity (Lewis, p 120). The empire lacked behind in terms of technology where they were kicked out of the market by the fast developing European nations in the production of textile and importation of species from Asia. The incompetent leaders fell back to their conservative Islamic beliefs and lost

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