Decision Plan For A Executive Management Team Essay

956 Words Dec 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
1. Jail, under T.C.A. 41-4-140 a sixty-day plan of action should have taken place and a executive management team put into place to make recommendations to solve the issues at hand. The current and prior administrators of the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office have been a total failure. The office has been mismanaged and monies wasted for quite sometime along with personnel resources. It appears from the outside looking in, that a great deal of the staff is at a supervisor level of some sort, with some in supervisory pay grades and different sub-grades. A complete assessment and reorganization of staffing could possibly add a great deal personnel back to the first line, which would bolster staffing on the patrol level, and the jail needs. Depending on the cost savings due to pay grades and benefits you could possible add some extra positions also to solve many of the staff issues. There is many cost saving measures, that can be utilized that I have experience as a executive level manager.
2. Public Value, Legitimacy, there has been a political culture within the Rutherford County Sheriff 's Department for far too long, and the result is a tremendous loss of public trust and confidence in the leadership of the sheriff 's office. I am committed to restoring the Rutherford County Sheriff 's Department to a level of professionalism that the public and the hard-working men and women of the sheriff 's office will be proud of." What we have all witnessed is a loss of public…

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