Decision Making : The Problem Solving Process Essay

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Team Decision Making
Decision making is an integral and necessary part of developing and progressing in a team, it 's a sequence of activities that includes gathering, interpreting, and exchanging information as well as creating and identifying alternative courses of action (Thompson, 2014). Decision making is key for problem solving, creativity and managing ideas - information that is distributed amongst a team must be given equally to all its participants. This information should be integrated into the problem-solving process. Within in any team, there are different issues and situations that can arise which can prevent the team from prevailing - there are five pitfalls which can affect a team 's decision making. Groupthink, escalation of commitment, the Abilene paradox, group polarization, and unethical decision making - the quality of group decision making is conformity and the team 's ability to make smart decisions that will help the team make beneficial decisions.
Groupthink develops when a group has an avidity for consensus so much so that the group gives little to no regard to consequences and other concerns. The harmonious atmosphere disguises dysfunction and reduces the need for practical assessment of group decisions. Groupthink is a counterproductive behavior that sets low standards for the group. Team members choose to hold back their opinions and ideas due to a desire to avoid conflict and a personal lack of efficacy. Groupthink essentially requires a…

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