Decision Making Process Paper

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Decision-Making Process Paper
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Decision-Making Process Paper I bout my first car at 21 years old as a birthday present to myself and I was unaware of how much went into the decision making process until then but soon came up with my own process of smaller decisions I had to make to factor into the purchase. When I first went to buy the car which was the major decision I had to determine the necessity of the car in my life, Whether or not financially I could manage a car payment and if I was willing to commit that much time to making the payments.
Necessity of the Big Decision My first step as a consumer at 21 years old was determining how important a car was in my life and at the time it
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Time Commitment Finally I think about the time commitment and my parents talked me through this one in the sense that for the next seven years of my life regardless of what happens that car payment will be there on the 27th of each month no matter what my life has me doing at the time. I committed more to the car because I wanted it and did not factor in time now I am 25 years old and still have that car payment and believe me many decisions would have been made differently without a car payment.
Thinking back to my mindset when I was 21 years old and acting on impulse factoring in very little relevant information into my decision making process compared to what I know now and how differently I can look at making every decision a managerial decision and really have it well thought out. Comparing to my previous process to what is in our course readings I had relative decision process but on an almost minuscule scale compared to what kind of thought can go into making decisions.

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