Should Death Penalty Be Reinstated Essay

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Death Penalty Should Be Reinstated The death penalty should be reinstated to punish capital crime. I believe that we should reinstate the death penalty and make it the same through the whole United States. Should be the same in each State. People that committed a capital crime should only be allowed in prison for a minimum of 5 years then have lethal injection. I understand that not everyone believes that this should happen. They don’t believe that it’s right to take the criminals life when they took their loved one’s life. The cost leaving the person in prison on death row compared to doing lethal injection. “For every inmate that was executed, 7 lives were spared because of this.” The cost to keep a person in prison for life in the general population is 24,690. Department of corrections said housing some prisoners that are on death row cost more than twice as much per year. It cost 49,380 to keep the prisoner in prison on death row for the rest of their life. They have even said housing a prisoner on death row cost tax payers 90,000 or more per year than a …show more content…
I believe if someone takes another person’s life why do they get the right to sit in prison the rest of their life and have privileges. “They should be held at a higher standard for their actions others deterred from committing murder.” (deathpenaltycuriculum). It’s hard to believe that the 99 percent of people that are on death row are men (youthvoices). That’s said to believe, but needless to say it happens. Bringing back the death penalty and not allowing capital crime to happen it might change the world and where things are going in the future. It’s not right and fair for one’s life to be taken so soon and when they catch the correct person the committed the crime to allow them to sit in prison until they die. They should only be allowed a max of certain years that they are allowed to stay in prison for the tax payers paying the bills for them to sit in

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