Should Death Penalty Stay Essay

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Should the Death Penalty Stay? Death is certainly the ultimate punishment. The death penalty needs to be implemented in our society because it is the most terminal punishment for the most horrific crimes. A few years back, i was coming home from school. It had been a great day, just as they normally had been that school year. I walked into my living room, to see that my mother was staring in awe at the television with CNN blaring. There had been a huge terror attack in Boston that day. It was all over the news even though It had been recent. There wasn’t a lot of credible information being passed around. I put my bag down, and watched with the rest of the country as the horror unfolded on live television. These events made me think that capital …show more content…
It is currently legal in 31 states and not in 19 including Washington D.C. In some cases, the states had gotten rid of it, but then decided that they needed it because of some crime that had taken place and the public thought that the guilty deserved a more serving crime than just prison (Death Penalty). In the beginning of the the judicial system, the court would have a normal jury and judge decide, but later decided that anyone who commits a capital crime or serving a capital punishment would be judged in front of a grand jury, except for a militia or military offense (Death …show more content…
How are we going to afford everything and pay for this person to sit in prison for the rest of their life. How much is it going to cost us? Who pays for it? Palmer said in his article about capital punishment that, “Resources are a major factor, although many prosecutors don’t publicly admit it. By some estimates, seeking death adds at least $1 million to the cost of a murder trial, and some death penalty cases cost 20 times as much as the average life-without-parole prosecution.” Many people would agree that it isn’t worth the money to seek the death penalty and instead just pay for the person to stay in prison for the rest of their life. However, others like Don Hambidge say that, “ Safety is better than convenience.” If the person going to prison is going there for life, and not having any chance of seeing the outside world again, and convicted of killing someone else, what would stop them from not killing or hurting someone else in

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