Essay on Dear Woodsworth One Program Coordinator

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Dear Woodsworth One program coordinator,

I am a second year student majoring in criminology and minoring in political science and sociology at the University of Toronto. I am writing to apply for the position of student liaison as announced by the Woodsworth One team via email. I am applying today based on my previous excellent encounter with the Woodsworth One program during my first year at U of T. Based on the amazing growth and development I experienced through this program, I yearn to facilitate the same kind of great environment for the new first year students this up coming fall. I believe that the position of a student liaison is one that is crucial to the Woodsworth One program. The student liaisons in my eyes are the vital link between what the university has to offer in terms of assistance and funneling that to the students who might not be pre-exposed to this kind of aid. I hope that I can actively engage in this role and connect all first year students to the appropriate means of assistance that they require to be successful in their present and future endeavors.

I would make an excellent member of the Woodsworth One team because I have the educational background to match my strong skill set. My continued studies in the areas of criminology, political science and sociology have allowed me to understand the themes of the class’s curriculum in great detail. My diverse background in these areas has allowed me to understand order and disorder within society in…

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