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Asperger Syndrome (AS) is a one of five autistic spectrum disorders. AS is also recognized by some as a neurological disorder. Sufferers of this syndrome share many of the same characteristics of autism except the accompanying disabilities. The syndrome can exhibit a variety of characteristics ranging from mild to severe. Those afflicted with AS have difficulty understanding what people around them think and feel. As a result, they often behave inappropriately in social situations or do things that may appear to be unkind or callous. AS sufferers have a hard time planning and coping with change despite average or above-average intelligence. This manifests itself as a notable lack of “common sense.” Not only does AS effects afflicted, …show more content…
Individuals with autism usually have good rote memory skills with figures; facts, dates, times etc. They also excel in the areas of math and science. On the contrary, AS is defined as a milder form of autism without significant impairments in language and cognition. Children who suffer from AS exhibit a great deal of problems with social interactions.
The impairments of Autism are so much greater than that of Asperger. The three major differences between AS and Autism is that individuals with autism do little or no speaking, have various learning problems and are not very social. In contrast, students with Asperger are often very talkative, very intelligent cognitively and sometimes display some social skills. Everyday more and more research is being conducted in an effort to give clear and separate diagnosis for AS and autism.
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However, because the syndrome is not diagnosed until the child is school age it is very important that parents pay attention to the behaviors of their children. Many preschool or early intervention programs have exercise mutual goals in an effort to help children with AS and autism disorders. Some of these expectations include engaging the child in at least twenty five hours a week with instruction, having a low student to teacher ratio, offering parent training, and planning classroom instruction around small time intervals. COGNITION Students with Asperger syndrome have I.Q.’s fall along the full spectrum. However many are in the above normal range in verbal ability and in the below average range in performance abilities. These students are often described as eccentric, and are obsessed with complex topics, such as patterns, weather, music, history, etc. It is not uncommon for students with AS to have other disabilities such as dyslexia, writing problems, difficulty with mathematics, etc. It may appear as though students with AS have a lack of common sense because they display concrete thinking versus abstract

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