Essay on Dear Mr. Tom Hank

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Dear-Mr. Tom Hank thank you for sharing your experience with us, I have read your article and I learning the fact that I lived through the experience, attended community college and became very successful Education is knowledge gain for everyone, for me education always was important because I did finish my kindergartner to 8th grade in Ethiopia. Then, my family got an opportunity to come to United States of America. First I landed in Dallas, Texas airport ,I looked around and I said to myself where am I, I felt strange all I saw was different people black, white and American Indian. I became afraid because I had never been away from my country Ethiopia for 17 years, I has grew up with people speaking the same language as me and skin color being expose to a new environment was different. The first couple days I was confused, I stared at my neighbor I didn 't speak any English. All, I could do was look in amazement. I started my freshman year at Emmett J. Conrad High School at the age of 18 with knowing no English. I was afraid because I didn’t know anyone in the school, I had my schedule in my hand looking around I didn’t know where my first class is was located, I lost and I almost miss my first class. I was the only person in the hallway a teacher saw me, and he said, "What are you doing in the hallway, go to your class". But I didn 't understand what he said I handed him my schedule. Finally, he showed me where my class was located. I reached for the door knob…

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