Day Of Absence / Happy Ending Essay

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On Friday, October 21, 2016, I attended the play Day of Absence/ Happy Ending. This play consisted of two short one act plays. Both plays were set in the mid-1900s. Day of Absence was set in the south and Happy Ending was set in New York. The first play was Happy Ending. I did not enjoy this production. The actors played their characters very well. I appreciated how well the actors committed to their role. However, I did not like the idea that the characters justified stealing from their boss because their family needed help. The story portrayed the black women as uneducated and unwilling to advance from their positions. Also, Happy Ending was set in the New York in the 1960s. The play revolved around the idea that two domestic workers were afraid they were going to lose their jobs because their boss was going to divorce his wife because she had cheated on him several times. Given the time, the wife who committed multiple infidelities, would have been shunned by most people in society. The fact that the wife was not shunned seemed to be historically inaccurate.
I found the second play, Day of Absence, to be much more enjoyable. I was not a fan of the characters being in white face. The characters in this play did not seem as prepared as the characters in the first play. Multiple actors noticeably stumbled over their lines. My favorite scene was the news scene. The scene was engaging and insightful. The KKK member made this scene more enjoyable because it caused some of the…

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