David Stewart, Pulpit Minister, Of The Third And Central Church Of Christ

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On Friday December 9, 2016 I interviewed David Stewart, Pulpit Minister, of the Third and Central Church of Christ, in Lovington N.M. I have known David for about a year and a half, when he started coming to the jail to visit a youth detained here. He soon asked about coming regularly to offer a “Bible Study.” We have talked many times over this time and developed a rapport with each other. He gladly agreed to this interview with only a minimal amount of information.
I asked David several questions I felt would help me to understand the process he uses when making his decisions, both in and out of ministry and the “big” and “small” decisions. David readily admitted many of his decisions were automatic, both in and out of ministry. He referred to his home, work, ministry, and volunteer activities stating he makes many decisions in these areas without much thought and probably should consider many of them more than he does. Many of his decisions he thought about when he was younger have become automatic as there is a certain level of predictability with them. Answering Scriptural questions posed by inmates at the prison was an area he used as an example. He will rattle off the Scripture without considering the person and the genuineness of their asking. Moving from this he said he needed to slow down on many of his decisions and consider the person and how they are affected.
Most of the major decisions made in his ministry are made by a group of four elders, they must all…

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