David Mcclelland Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… These needs are found to different degrees in all workers and managers, and this mix of motivational needs characterizes a person's or manager's style and behavior, both in terms of being motivated and in the management and motivation others (McClelland, 1967).

The need for achievement (n-ach): The n-ach person is achievement motivated and therefore seeks achievement, attainment of realistic but challenging goals, and advancement in the job (McClelland, 1967). The n-ach person has a strong need for feedback as to achievement and progress, and a need for a sense of accomplishment (McClelland, 1967).

The need for authority and power (n-pow): The n-pow person is authority motivated (McClelland, 1967). This driver produces a need to be influential, effective and to make an impact (McClelland, 1967). The n-pow perso has a strong need to lead and for their ideas to prevail (McClelland, 1967). The n-pow person also has motivation and need towards increasing personal status and prestige (McClelland,
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Many people have had some experience of completing questionnaires. ). Unlike other research methods as telephone or face-to-face surveys,, the respondent is not interrupted by the research instrument. When a respondent receive a questionnaire, he/she is free to complete it whenever he /she want to (Jahoda, et al., 1962). However, questionnaires may not be suited for everyone. For example, to a group of poorly educated people, a written survey might not work because they don’t have enough reading skills. More often, some suitable group of people are simply neglected by written questionnaires because of misuse (Deutcher, …show more content…
Low wage is the most significant reason. Since most the crew member receive national minimum payment in Subway, the strategies of increase wages for employees who have been working for long time could help improve the situation. Apart from that, job difficulty is another reason for employees to leave. From this perspective, managers should talk to employees who have problems with their job. They could also change their job responsibilities to motivate them handle the problems met in workplaces. The worry of professional future is also another reason. As mentioned before, the professional development plan will help. Job security is mention here again. And relationship with colleagues could also affect employee motivation. Therefore, managers should pay attention to team coordination to avoid any negative effect on employee

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