Dangers Of Using Cell Phones While Driving Essay

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Dangers of Using a Cell Phone While Driving

The development of mobile phones has made life easier the portability of mobile phones has eased human activities since people are no longer inconvenienced by distance. The increased popularity in the usage of cell phones has also brought about dangerous consequences. This increased reliance on mobile phones has led to so many people using their phones while driving. Some people, who know very well the dangers associated with using mobile phones while driving, willingly admit that they use their cell phones while driving. The art of multitasking has brought about risky aftermaths whereby most people want to do more than one thing at the same time. Cell phones have taken so much power over society that they no longer can function daily without them. The dangers of using cell phones while driving come with many risk as discussed below.
The most disturbing effect of cell phone usage is accidents and deaths. The risk of causing an accident is 50 percent more when a driver uses a phone while driving. Accident causes loss of lives and also injuries both passengers and the driver himself. In 2012, the National Traffic Safety Administration reported that 18 percent of the fatal accidents that occurred were caused by the distraction of driver from the usage of mobile phones. (commissin)
Cell phones and automobiles do not totally mix. Studies imply that a driver’s concentration is reduced to the level of a drunk driver when talking on…

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