Dangers Of Clean Eating Essay

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Clean Eating: A Dangerous Trend?
“Food becomes the source of evil, but also our salvation: it enables us to feel more in control, to tell ourselves if we only eat these things, not other things, we won’t die.”
Clean Eating is a mainstream phenomenon that has over 23,894,748 posts on Instagram under the tag ‘clean eating’. A trend completely different to the standard healthy eating, that has recently exploded and is becoming increasingly popular due to its endorsement by some of the most influential lifestyle bloggers appears at first to be completely harmless. However, could this new trend have an uglier truth? Simply put, it appears so. Clean eating can prove to be extremely dangerous both mentally and physically. Today, social media sites
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Clean eating is a restrictive, inflexible and moralising diet that has been dressed up as life changing and is being marketed to young women all over social media. The behaviours with clean eating and its relationship with food are also linked to those behaviours shown in those with an eating disorder: obsessive and, fixating over food. Orthorexia is a medical condition ‘in which the sufferer systematically avoids specific foods that they believe to be harmful’ . Disturbingly, this sounds extremely similar to those behaviours of clean eating, and experts have warned that clean eating and those blogging about it are helping to fuel a rise in orthorexia. Dr Mark Berelowitz, an eating disorder specialist, said 80%-90% of his patients at the Royal Free Hospital in North London followed clean eating diets and that "Calling this kind of regime ‘clean’ is a sort of deliberate or accidental marketing myth that emphasises one approach to eating at almost any …show more content…
So just why do we follow medically inaccurate advice? Despite the minor occasions in which good advice is given by these bloggers, they are masked by the vast inaccuracies and pseudoscience. Clean eating is overwhelmed by medical myths. First of all, clean eating is claimed to purify and detox the body, however the function of the liver is to detoxify the body, meaning a diet is not needed for this, and as long as you have a functioning liver your body will detoxify itself. Natasha Corret, owner of Honestly Healthy and wellness blogger, promotes and evangelises the Alkaline Diet; a diet based around the idea that the foods you eat can alter the acidity or alkalinity (the pH value) of your body. However, there is no credible scientific evidence to support this theory at all as in fact it is not our diet that affects the pH of our bodies, instead according to Tanis Fenton, PhD, adjunct assistant professor of community health services at the University of Calgary states “Our lungs and kidneys are constantly regulating our pH.” With medical evidence proving these wellness bloggers wrong, it seems unthinkable that we even consider to follow this clean eating

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