Dangerous Mind And Freedom Writers Essay example

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Living in large central cities it’s a huge advantage for most people, high technology, large diversity, jobs opportunities, and first class medicals. But if you don’t have the education necessary to compete in these markets it’s mostly because you were affected by the urban high school system. Urban high schools are known for failure because of structural racism, inequality. Urban high school films also conveyed the messages people are receiving, that urban high school doesn’t provide students enough education to be successful in life. In the films, Dangerous Mind, Freedom Writers, and Walkout all the urban schools portray inequality and for some people racism. In the films, Dangerous mind and freedom writer students faced challenges with their life style and racism towards the white savior, which in the end they all are saved by white savior teacher. Unlike Dangerous mind and Freedom writers in Walkout students are trying to overcome the obstacles and fix Urbans school system of failure for students. Attending a Urban high school in inner city where poverty is high for most people is setting up students for failure, nevertheless students in urban high school films are usually portrayed as disobedient, violent, and they don’t care about their education. It’s a manifest message being sending to Americans. Dangerous mind depicts all this reasons why urban high school is a setting up students up for failure. “People of color are depicted as weak and needing to be saved by…

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